• It is used on all transfer presses and printing presses
  • The bottom of the trays are specically manufactured to have hollows in order to vest the sewn products over the pressing tray
  • The products are prepared to be vested around the trays for printing
  • Printing press is pneumatic
  • Top heater tray is supported with linear bearings and situated on a sliding body which can be moved along easily to the right and left
  • Moved head is produced to 36x49 cm, 50x70 cm, 60x70 cm, 70x100 cm sizes
  • This body is also equipped with a control panel
  • Temperature, timing and pressure settings can be adjusted via the control panel
  • The system starts by pressing both start buttons simultaneously
  • The pressure is applied from top the bottom
  • Printing pressure can be as high as 0,75kg/cm
  • Top heater tray is covered with a special teflon band
  • On the other hand, the bottom trays are fitted with special silicone rubber which is resistant against heat and pressure
OM-1001125X110X151255 KG230 V1.6 KW350 adet/saat6 BAR