• MODEL: TYK-M-20---TYK-M-40---TYK-M-60
    • SIZE: 92X188X128---94X188X128---96X188X128
    • WEIGHT: 120 KG---155 KG---250 KG
    • ELECTRIC CONTROL: 380 V---380 V---380 V
    • POWER: 3 KW---4 KW---5 KW
    • CAPASITY: ---
    • COMPREESS AIR: ---

    This machinery is used for fusing and ironing the interlining at garment sector. Application area is more likely to fuse the pants, shirt and t-shirt interlinings. Band control and pressure system is pneumatic. Through automatic band control system that is located on press, sliding of the band is prevented and tension of the band on this system is eliminated and longer life of the band is also provided. Band width is varied as 20cm, 40cm and 60cm according to models. Mini interlining fusing presses are composed of two heating groups as bottom and upper resistance groups. Through electronic thermostat, temperature remains stable on desired level. Rolling strippers on press provide cleaning of the band and collection of interlinings.