About Us

Özer Makine has commenced its activities at Garment Machinery sector in 1991 and now continues its production at the 3.000 m2 facility in Beylikdüzü. Our company has adopted the principle of Customer satisfaction and post-sales services and is able to meet your demands with the staff of 50 people.

Özer Makine renews itself each passing day as a consequence of developing technology and increases export rates each year and creates a difference with experienced labor and quality materials that are being utilized on the machineries.

Our quality and economic machineries provide our clients a competitive advantage by increasing their production speed.

Özer Makine is ready to assist you for any subject that you are willing to be informed or any of our products that you are interested.

Since we give great importance to post-sales services, our relationship with you shall be permanent. Our service is unlimited for procuring any kind of spare parts, machinery repair and maintenance.

Our company is always besides you for any kind of your pre- and post-sales queries and problems.